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African Hope Committee works with educators and donors in hopes of improving the conditions of public education in West Africa. Focusing in Cameroon, AHC has worked with L'Enfance Jouyeux du Cameroon to disseminate books to schools in rural areas. 

Through our Global Book Project, African Hope Committee collects new, or gently used books as well as school supplies and ships them to villages in Cameroon.  Honorary Board Member, Mr. Pierre Wafo, sees that they are dispelled to the neediest, first through L'Enfance Jouyeux du Cameroon. Empowering the youth is African Hope Committee's first step in change. 

Project Goals Include 

  1. Increase in literacy for girls in target areas 
  2. Supply stream for at least 5 schools in target areas
  3. Increase in vocational/trade training for girls in target area 
  4. Increase in computer literacy for all youth in target area
  5. Increase leadership training through Kalifa Training Program