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Community Health

African Hope Committee began well vested in the grassroots, community health movement. Focusing most of their efforts on HIV/AIDS awareness for immigrant communities, AHC raised community acknowledgement of the disease and methods of prevention. Many immigrants arrive in the United States without knowledge of where they can acquire resources to treat the disease, or get tested. African Hope Committee works with service providers in the West Harlem community to ensure that the immigrant community recieves the best care.

But exposing new immigrants to HIV/AIDS resources was not enough for African Hope Committee, and the organization branched out into maternal and child healthcare. For those rural immigrants, and those rural inhabitants AHC created fliers and one-page reference sheets in both English and French. This informative documents spoke on all topics from healthy eating during pregnancy to mammograms.

In conjunction with educational materials which are deseminated throughout the community, AHC also refers thier clients to service providers who may better evaluate their psychosocial, psychological, and physical well being. Our health and wellness campaign is well founded in the West Harlem Community and our partners and service providers enable AHC to continue their hard work globally.