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Our Services

African Hope Committee is a pillar of the community, offering a variety of crucial services to African and Immigrant communities. All activities of this organization are planned with the purpose of relieving the poor, distressed and the underprivileged African immigrant population and other minority groups living in New York City

AHC immigration program provides legal advice, support, and representation on a range of issues.

AHC provides health education and information on such topics as HIV/AIDS, diabetes and maternal child healthcare. At home, and abroad.

AHC provides case management for individual clients. Casework allows our clients to feel secure in their new enviornment, and dispell any concerns they may have.

AHC provides individual counseling. Trained caseworkers, enter hearfelt conversations with the underserved immigrant population of New York City. Our counselours approach their work with an emphasis on cultural competancy.

AHC staff conducts home visits. The home visitation program relieves those are not mobile. A come-to-you counselour provides in home support.

AHC provides translation services. Translation services lessen the burden of the government on the underprivileged African immigrant population

Our Community Impact

  • Hosted Six Annual Women and Girls HIV /AIDS Health Summits and Galas to discuss issues, concerns and create solutions for stressors caused by HIV/AIDS
  • Hosted Three AHC Providers and Community Participant Seminars to discuss HIV/AIDS. AHC increased number of participants by 100% between 2008 and 2009
  • Fundraising Initiative to support NEW YORK AIDS Walk with the assistance of volunteers, interns and Board Members.
  • Supported the city wide Immigrant Heritage Week Sponsored by the Mayor's Office.
  • Hosted three successful Immigrant Week Events and engaged Africans, immigrants, and youth exposing them to African cultural heritage.
  • Increased awareness about HIV/AIDS and Immigration services through community outreach and health fairs
  • Reached and served over 2,600 community members annually through workshops and community forums the last 10 years.
  • Conducted three Focus Group Discussions involving thirty women and young girls notably Family Empowerment for Mothers and Young Girls (2007); Youth Focus Group Discussions (2007) and Women and Young Girls Participatory Action Research (2008). This with the support of New York Times in 2007.
  • Developed and translated over 20 Health materials in French.
  • Distributed over 3,000 educational materials each year in the community at health fairs, forums and our conferences. With support from the New York Foundation, New York Women's Foundation and Union Square Awards we were able to translate some to french available here on our website.
  • Engage over ninety (90) Volunteers and Interns in projects such HIV/AIDS Education, Immigrations, Translations, Interpretations, Social Media, Outreach, Network, grant writing and research, fundraising, Updating contact list, event's set up, annual reports, newsletters, accounting, finances and administration over the last 10 years.
  • Undertakes laborious physical exercise
  • Employed over (10) consultants for the last 10 years in areas such as Program design and planning, Program Evaluation, Conference Coordinators, Newsletter, MIS/Data Base , Accounting, CPA, Flier Designer, Translation, Communication and Strategic Planning.
  • Built Collaborations and Networks with over fifty (50) CBO's in New York and in the Nation that participated in our Annual Health Summit and Providers' Summit.
  • Carried over thirty (30) cases for case management each year since 2005.
  • Provided Leadership Training through AHC Kalifa Leadership Program to over fifteen (15) women where (11) women were graduated to become Community Ambassador
  • Counseled, advised, processed and represented over eighty ( 80) clients on immigration issues.
  • Built Immigration Legal Team consisting of staff, pro-bono Lawyers, Legal Interns and Volunteers
  • Published over twenty (20) newsletters and news release to increase and educate the public about services and issues affecting African immigrant groups in the America and in the Diaspora.
  • Created Partnership with City Government to increase awareness on issues having impact on African Immigrants. This include Elected Officials, Congressmen offices, Mayor Office, DOH and Mental Hygiene and Health and Hospital Corporations.
  • Supported over eight (8 ) New African Grassroot organizations in New York and in the Nation in their formations as well as to grow.