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African Hope Committee, Inc is a ECOSOC accredited organization through the United Nations since 2014. Consultative Status to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) is the highest status granted by the United Nations to non-governmental organizations (NGO's), thereby allowing them to participate in the work of the United Nations.

African Hope Committee Global Projects

With our recent induction as an ECOSOC Accredited Organization, African Hope Committee has continue to expand services globally.  We have expanded our mission to include our sisters in Africa, and across the globe.  


African Hope Committee works with educators and donors in hopes of improving the conditions of public education in West Africa. Focusing in Cameroon, AHC has worked with L'Enfance Jouyeux du Cameroon to disseminate books to schools in rural areas. 

Through our Global Book Project, African Hope Committee collects new, or gently used books as well as school supplies and ships them to villages in Cameroon.  Honorary Board Member, Mr. Pierre Wafo, sees that they are dispelled to the neediest, first through L'Enfance Jouyeux du Cameroon. Empowering the youth is African Hope Committee's first step in change. 

Project Goals Include 

  1. Increase in literacy for girls in target areas 
  2. Supply stream for at least 5 schools in target areas
  3. Increase in vocational/trade training for girls in target area 
  4. Increase in computer literacy for all youth in target area
  5. Increase leadership training through Kalifa Training Program

Water and Sanitation

Everyday over 4,000 children die from lack of clean water. This problem is heavily concentrated in developing countries, namely those in Africa. Tepid water leads to diseases such as cholera, dysentary, and diarhhea. Dehydration effects children more severely than the adult population and upwards of 1.8 million children are affected, annually.

African Hope Committee has hosted a Clean Water Event, fundraising for sachets, which cleanse potentially contaminated water and are a more sustainable approach. During our event we utilized the sachets to see the difference that they can make. The event raised water for P&G's philanthropic efforts in highly effected areas. African Hope Committee is grounded in health and wellness and it is impossible to sustain a healthy lifestyle without clean water.

Project Goals Include:

  1. Educate those in target areas about the importance of clean water in emerging nations
  2. Work with corporate and individual sponsors to donate sachets and increase sustainable measures for clean water 
  3. Decrease occurences of preventable diseases in target areas
  4. Continue efforts to build a clean water well in a Mandjo, Cameroon, with support from our partners  

Community Health

African Hope Committee began well vested in the grassroots, community health movement. Focusing most of their efforts on HIV/AIDS awareness for immigrant communities, AHC raised community acknowledgement of the disease and methods of prevention. Many immigrants arrive in the United States without knowledge of where they can acquire resources to treat the disease, or get tested. African Hope Committee works with service providers in the West Harlem community to ensure that the immigrant community recieves the best care.

But exposing new immigrants to HIV/AIDS resources was not enough for African Hope Committee, and the organization branched out into maternal and child healthcare. For those rural immigrants, and those rural inhabitants AHC created fliers and one-page reference sheets in both English and French. This informative documents spoke on all topics from healthy eating during pregnancy to mammograms.

In conjunction with educational materials which are deseminated throughout the community, AHC also refers thier clients to service providers who may better evaluate their psychosocial, psychological, and physical well being. Our health and wellness campaign is well founded in the West Harlem Community and our partners and service providers enable AHC to continue their hard work globally.

Sustainable Development and Leadership Training

Moving in line with the Sustainable Development Goals for the Post 2015 agenda as set by the United Nations, African Hope Committee has created a program to empower women worldwide.  Our Sustainable Development project will kick off in 2015. Working closely with our partners, There is No Limit Foundation, AHC will provide women in Cameroon and Senegal with the tools to succeed. By purchasing sewing machines, cloth, and sewing neccesities, African Hope Committee will help launch business for women in rural areas.  Those enrolled in the Kailfa Leadership program will recieve training to help boost their business, creating clothes that will be reknowned worldwide. The art of the Cameroonian seamstress features beautiful bamileke cloth, unique to the region. African Hope Committee aligns themselves closely with the United Nations in an effort to empower women, and make them an invaluable faction in the evolving continent of Africa. 

Project Goals Include:

  1. Train and Develop no less than thiry women in Cameroon and Senegal
  2. Increase economic stability and freedom for women and their households
  3. Establish a reasonable line of credit as a means to economic empowerment
  4. Provide start up funds for seamstresses and artisans in Cameroon to expand their business 

Our Global Impacts

  1. Sustained a ten year, successful partnership with  Enfance Joyeuse du Cameroon
  2. Sponsored an artisan group in Dakar, Senegal to craft AHC bracelets called The HOPE Bracelet, for sale at the AHC HOPE Store
  3. Sponsored a community chicken farm in the Village of Mandjo,Cameroon from 2011-2012
  4. Economic development of women, girls and youth
  5. Sponsored four female entrepreneurs starting fashion based, and agricultural businesses in Cameroon and Senegal since 2014
  6. Paid school fees for select students facing considerable hardship in Cameroon and Senegal since 2010
  7. Contributed to children's education through La Repcam Cameroon and assisted 20 children with school supplies  in 2013
  8. Contributed Holiday Gifts through La Repcam Cameroon for 2 years
  9. Donated 45 childrens gifts through financial contributions in 2012 and 2014
  10. Met with vilagers, chiefs, and health officials in Mandjo, Cameroo to listen to concerns, issues and needs of the village in 2010
  11. Provided water sachets in Mandjo, Cameroon to Mandjo Health Clinic in 2013
  12. Provided condoms and health supplies to the Mandjo Health Clinic in 2013
  13. Sent 4 Barrels of books to Cameroon through L’enfance joyeuse du Cameroon in 2014
  14. Donated clothes and shoes to poor  children, men and women in Mandjo in 2013.
  15. Conducted a Wellness Day led by AHC Global Volunteers in Cameroon in 2013
  16. Visited over 5 schools in Urban and Rural areas in Cameroon and built partnership for further assistance in 2014
  17. Created 1000 African Women Network in 2014 to increase visibility of African Women and girls in every region and sub-region in Africa. 
  18. Built partnership with NGO’s in Cameroon, Senegal, and Congo.

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