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Meet African Hope Committee!

Since its founding, AHC staff have disseminated 60,000 pieces of informational material on health and wellness topics from HIV/AIDS to maternal care.

The 15,000 recepients were mostly our target audience of women, young girls of the African immigrant community. As we have grown, in numbers and visiblity, our reach has extended into other as well immigrant minority groups. 

Since it's inception AHC has worked with 80 volunteers, interns, consultants, staff and board members to realize our efforts.

AHC successfully organized six Annual Health Summits, over twenty five community forums  and seminars for  our community partners and clients. AHC is consistently involved in outreach efforts in the New York Metropolitan Area. . 

Whether in the community working with youth to hear thier issues or in the office, African Hope Committee refuses to be anything but hands-on.

African Hope Committee offers in office immigration counseling for those in the New York area who are in need of advice regarding thier status.  As a not-for-profit, we offer these services to clients at charging only the most minimal fee. 

African Hope Committee's Vision:

To serve and improve the overall welfare of the African immigrant and other ethnic groups through collaboration; facilitating greater assimilation and self-sufficiency.

Our Mission:

To empower the African immigrant and other ethic groups in New York City by providing health education programs, immigration services and social service support.

African Hope Committee carries thier vision and mission through specific thier  Goals

  • Increase awareness of HIV/AIDS in the immigrant population

  • Coordinate Annual Health Summit of Service Providers and Community Participants

  • Provide immigration services to African and other immigrant groups

  • Create a Family Empowerment Center as an umbrella of AHC core services

  • Create a coalition with other organizations serving immigrant New York City populations

  • Create a Give-Back Annual Initiative where one specific act of charity is directed to the benefit of one country in Africa per year.

African Hope Committee Values

Show Respect: AHC, as an agency in the community will interact with others in an authentic and honest manner, we will listen and communicate clearly, we will treat others as we want to be treated.

Demonstrate Integrity: AHC will hold ourselves to high ethical standards. We will do what is right, not just what is easy.

Practice Collaboration: AHC will work together with others to succeed. Be transparent, share information, knowledge and expertise.

Take Initiative: AHC must develop and follow through on ideas that we expect will have a positve impact on the community; understanding that taking measured risks is essential to future success.

Embrace Accountability: AHC has the courage to and will take responsibility for our actions and their impact on others.