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1000 African Women Network

Women who elect to join the 1000 African Women Network in conjunction with African Hope Committee, agree to uphold the ethical standards embodied by the organization. If accepted into the network, members are expected to promote the  ethical values of an organization who has pledged to serve the public good. Members are implored to work towards the greater good and champion efforts to support women and girls. 

Individual Member Packages

Diamond Member

Gold Member

Silver Member

Bronze Member

Individual Member

Group Member Packages

Associations of 250 Member

Association of 150 Members

Women/Girl-centric Organizations

Non Govermental Organizations

Groups of 10 Women or Girls


International & Local Membership

As an African Hope Committee Member you will be part of an international network of  female Entrepreneurs. You will be part of a global leadership program of AHC spanning three continents, and counting!

Partnerships and Alliances

With membership, you gain to access to our networks. African Hope Committee has developed connections with service providers, corporations, donors and International organizations where you will be exposed to other organizations and their benefits.

Website Features 

Stay in the loop with African Hope Committee's activities! The website features biographies, news articles, news releases, archives, resources, services, events, gallery and a blog to keep us connected. AHC will blog your events and other important services that benefit other members and the public.

Online Member Directory

Members are asked to provide a portrait and small biography and relevant contact information. Our members are a huge part of our network, and this information allows us to grow with one another and cross promote our services around the world.

Annual Awards

In celebration of Women’s Month in March AHC will work in collaboration with the United Nations to host a leadership conference, but those unable to attend are encouraged to mobilize and host satellite Dinner/Receptions. Members will be selected at the GLOBAL LEVEL TO BE Recognized at one of these events.

Leadership Development

Our members have access to AHC Kalifa Leadership Training program. The training creates opportunities for leadership and self-sufficiency through AHC economic development for women, young girls and youth.

Advocacy and Immigration Services

As a member, you have access to a FREE Immigration Consultation also you are allotted reduced rates on immigration services as well as for your family.

Capacity Building

Members will benefit from our capacity building; grassroots organization will work closely with our multiple consultants with expertise in many disciplines. A minimal fee will be charged for the evaluation.

Annual Incentives

Annual Incentives are dedicated to members or organizations who committed their times and work to improve the Network and help bring new members to register for the Network. Annual Incentives are program during one of the Network events.


African Hope Committee will host webinars which will be to THE 1000 African Women Network Members where experts from across the globe will join to present a variety of public health issues.


1000 African Women Network is your voice. We will represent you around the globe with your issues at the local, national, and international levels 

1000 African Women Network Member Logo

Today, AHC Logo is widely recognized around the globe. 

People will contact the organization so they can use our Logo for their programs.

Members with good track records have access to use AHC Logo for their social media and depending of your membership level, your Logo will be displayed at our events

Contact African Hope Committee for your membership package, by email at or by phone at 212.862.9010