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1000 African Women Network

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

My own journey has cumulated as the Executive Director and Founder of African Hope Committee. With over 15 years working in public health and doing humanitarian work.

I’m Clarisse Mefotso Fall and I’m originally from Cameroon, a wife, mother and dedicated professional woman in the field of public health. I Graduated from Mount Saint Vincent College with a Master Degree in Public Health in the area of policies and systems. I had volunteered and interned with NY City public schools, American Diabetic Association, The Brooklyn Borough President Office and communities in New York.

Worked at the Brooklyn Perinatal Network on the maternal child health program for 5 years and then began to develop specific work plans for the formation of African Hope Committee, Inc. Since the formation of the organization in 2004 and through my hard work, I have received several proclamations in New York Including, proclamations from Mayor Bloomberg, Brooklyn Borough President, Manhattan Borough President, Councilmember Robert Jackson, State Senator Bill Perkins, recognition awards from the Commissionaire of women’s health in 2004 and was a recipient of the Union Square Awards in 2005.In 2012 I was a recipient of the NYPD Award.

I created, The Kalifa Leadership Program in 2009 with the Board of Directors of African Hope Committee. This program is a tool, arming all participants and future 1000 African Women Network members with great leadership skills and the talents to succeed in ones’ career and tackle challenges facing in their personal and professional life.

Women, Girls and youth develop the skills to affect change in this complex world.  Our program focuses on a proactive approach to managing, with a new skill set where changes are to be seen later as a catalyst for positive movement,  as a member, you will learn with us how to grasp the difference and power yourself through With continuing creativity, Kalifa Leadership Program has now been expanded to form a Global Network called “ 1000 African Women Network” The network will include professional, non professional, stay home mom, entrepreneurs, students, farmers, small business women and girls from all walks of life that are willing to join the membership and make changes. Each day,  we strive to create new visions, to embellish and find ways to transform the lives of women, girls and youth around the world, #SDG 5 of the United Nation for the next 15 years under the auspice of African Hope Committee’s Global Projects.  Professionals, organizations, Institutions, Faith based, Universities , Corporations, Investors and Funders continue to learn from African Hope Committee on the way we work to make changes, approach challenges and difficulties in implementing projects that continue to create positive impact in our community, at a local, national and international levels.

With the SDG’s post 2015, Our goal is reach our members and teach them how to use various leadership techniques, develop network skills, become economic independent and expose them into various high level events at the United Nations where they can use during their personal and professional lives. We expect to develop a network of 1000 members from around the globe by 2020 and then together, develop a plan of actions that will transform member’s lives as well as the one of their families by 2030.

Our Membership also introduces members to communication, networking, decision making, conflict resolution and critical thinking skills. Members will have the chance to present their learning skills and talents to their local community leaders in a competitive project showcase with a hope to win a gift to help them start their own businesses. Upon completion of the program members will receive a certificate of achievement from the program and gifts.

Join The 1000 African Hope Network and Start Your Leadership Journey Today!


Clarisse Mefotso Fall, MPH

Executive  Director/Founder/Gobal President

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LA SOURCE -African Hope Committee Global Project Journal