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Over the last ten years, African Hope Comittee has made every effort to collect resources that are of value to the community. Here you will find African Hope Committee archives, information and links to resources.

African Hope Committee Website; AHC Newsletter 

African Hope Committee Website; AHC Blog Post 

African Hope Committee Crowd Sourcing; FundAnything

NYPD Community Affairs; Immigration Awards 

Welcome to African Hope Committee Clip: YouTube

African Hope Committee Global Reach: All Africa Article

Union Square Awards: AHC Bio

New York City Caregive Coalition: NYCCC Information Pamphlet

NYC Transformation through Collaboration COnference: Summary Report

Laws Bringing Hope to Many: AHC Article

African Hope Committee YouTube Channel: YouTube Channel

New York Women's Foundation Public Education Event: Program Summary

NLA and ACANA Conference on Immigration Reform: Event Notes

Sahara TV for Mr. Africa: Youtube Video

African Hope Committee Summit: Event Notes 

African Hope Committee Census Event: Event Flyer 

HIV Among African Immigrants; Blog Article 

Working With AHC: Internship Site 

There is No Limit: Sustainable Development Campaign

Idealist Page:

Laws Article: AHC Uses Knowledge to Combat HIV/AIDS

Ebsco Host: AHC Health Summit

The Gleaner: Immigrant Groups Rally on Capitol Hill 

New York Senate: Immigration Forum 2012

Immigration Advocate Network: AHC Info Page

African Hope Committee Facebook Page: Global Project Page

Citizenship Works: AHC Info Page

Barnard College Presentations: New Feminist Solutions

Mayoral Calendar: Immigrant History Week

Black Radio Network: NYU African Diaspora Health Forum

New York Dream Coalition: AHC Partnership Info

NYU Schook of Meidicine: African Diaspora Health Forum 

International Medical Interpreters Association: Petition to Improve Language Access in NY Hospitals 

Partners for Life: Developing Collegic and Community Based Partnerships 

Blacklist Pub: Summit for Healthcare Providers

New York Africana Group: International Women's Day

African Immigrant Community Newsletter: Sheryl Lee Ralph Wins AIDS Award

New York Non-Profit Press: Fourth Annual Golf Outing  

Zeerner Storeis: Oumar's Arrest 

African Notes: Struggling to Be Heard 

The Examiner: Second Annual Mr. Africa

High Beam: 36 Non-Governmental Organizations Recommended for ECOSOC