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African Hope Committee

Washington D.C. Trip- Whitney Ize-Iyamu

World Bank/ Washington DC Tour

 As an intern with African Hope I was able to have the opportunity to go to Washington DC where I saw different monuments and toured a city that was different than anywhere I had ever been. I was able to learn more about the World Bank, learn more about its role in the world, what they do and how they help fund projects. On the first day we walked around Washington DC and the White House and drove by the capitol hill. To me, both buildings represent everything that is the US government and it was interesting to walk around and see how many different types of activism went on in Washington DC.  


On the second day we took a tour of the World Bank and learned more about the organization. The tour gave us a brief overview of the World Bank’s history and how they have changed since the first time they started. Our tour guide answered various questions related to the World Bank. Some questions included the country membership in the World Bank, how the World Bank retains employees, and how the organization supports people and organization financial. It was very interesting to see where the World Bank is currently and what they did in the past. The World Bank has added many different units into its organization to maintain their focus of helping developing countries evolve. One unit that was added was the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) after the World Bank approved debts that started to crush developing country governments. The ICSID helps them to make a plan of action for them to pay back the money they owe. When I hear about this unit I see an organization that recognizes their faults and changes and improves as they go as fast as they can to make sure they stay in line with helping the world better themselves in any way they can.

As a senior in college pursuing finance, I was very interested in specific sections of the World Bank. Two units of the World Bank that stood out to me were the Operations Evaluation Unit and the International Finance Corporation. Both units spoke to my major and my second major, supply chain management. When I got home I continued to research into these two units and was able to learn more about what they do which just increased my interest to one day pursue a career in these units. Some information I found was that the Operations Evaluation Unit is now called Independent Evaluation Group. I was also able to get a look at the World Bank which increased my passion to one day open up an organization that would bring education and support to women around the world starting in Africa. This trip to the World Bank and Washington DC granted me the opportunity to educate myself more in area of the world I was unfamiliar with and I am always happy to learn more about businesses.

African Hope Committee

Washington D.C Trip- Ingrid

A Trip to Washington, D.C

 On August 5th, 2018 I had to cringe from the unfamiliar alarm at 6 a.m. on a Sunday morning! Why? Was I thinking. Do I really need to go? Ugh! But Hey, tickets were reserved so you know, got to go! Around 7:30 a.m. I was on my way to Washington. It was half way there that I suddenly got excited for this trip, the world bank anticipation was very real though.

Now, if you’re wondering what is going on, let me give you a little background. As a volunteer at African Hope Committee, I was selected to participate in their very first youth program in a long time. This trip being part of the program, I was pleasantly surprised to be part of an educational trip to the United States Capital: Washington, D.C. The trip consisted on reinforcing our financial and social knowledge in general and in non-for-profit in particular. Remember the hard Sunday morning I mentioned earlier? All gone! I got all my energy back after lunchtime at the Union Station and obviously the excitement to visit the White House. The White House was a great social experiment! I got to see a melting pot of numerous nationalities, people from India, Europe, Africa and others. We as a group even made a new friend from London—Adam who was nice enough to take a group picture with us. We then proceeded to visit the U.S. Capitol and Lincoln Memorial. Tons and tons of pictures that I keep dearly as part of my memories!

Although the precedent was a great social experiment, I will have to say our visit to the world bank was the most memorable and instructive part of this trip. M. David King, our guide inside of the building, was very knowledgeable and engaged with all our questions throughout the whole tour. I learned about what is the world bank really about, how they function and their projects since 1946; their successes and challenges. I was specifically captured by the MIGA (Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency) which a covering insurance equity investments, personal loans and contracts made to help investors and countries in need of a contractual guarantee for a successful project. I was impressed that the World Bank has used this agency in areas such as currency, wars, agriculture in places such as Africa. The building also had a cool touch screen table of all continents with information about places they have worked to. I was able to use this device and found out about the project on mobile money exchange in Cameroon they have been working on. It was nice to find some testimonies of women who financially elevated their families through this project.

Overall, the trip was great. Turns out no sleep-in on a Sunday morning was a good decision after all! I learned a lot and enhanced my networking abilities. I plan to further read the free documents we received at the world bank in order to apply the knowledge in my personal life. Thank you, African Hope, :)

African Hope Committee

Washington D.C Trip- Aisha Fall

Washington DC Trip

 I have enjoyed traveling and going to different places from a very young age. I love to have fun, and see places that are different from home. It helps me learn a lot, and I learn a new way of living compared to the one that I am used to. Traveling to places also helps you learn something new. I go to Senegal every year, and throughout my childhood, I have visited Morocco, Senegal, Canada, etc., and hope to visit more places. Recently, I have traveled to Washington D.C. and it was an unforgettable trip, and I will always appreciate the fact that I have gotten the chance to go there. From staying at the ostentatious Hyatt Regency to visiting the White House, I really enjoyed this trip, and hope to get a chance to revisit.


The trip to Washington DC was a fascinating experience. I got to see buildings such as the Lincoln Memorial and the White House and also got to  visit the World Bank. The World Bank, not far from our hotel, is a financial institution, that provides for several developing countries around the world. Although I stayed at the World Bank for a little less than one hour, I still have learned a lot. I have learned that throughout developing countries in the world, there are many people who do not have the luxury that I have. Many young women and children are affected by violence and lack of education  in several developing countries. Additionally, there are many hands on tools, that also enhanced what I learned at the World Bank. For instance, there was VR, or virtual reality, in which you can view different countries and issues that currently going on in those countries. This hands on tool also makes you feel as if you are in that country. There was also a lot of artwork at the World Bank, that express the deep feelings of refugees and immigrants. One artwork that stunned me in particular was from a Syrian refugee that constructed his artwork in suitcases, he used many resources and made a replica of how Syrian houses looked. Although he used a few resources, it was well constructed, and amazingly represented how war-torn Syria looks.


Although, I have learned a lot throughout this trip, I also got a chance to explore a little bit of Washington DC. It is very different from New York, where I was born and raised. I went to mall, and these taxi rides helped me see Washington DC and how the lifestyle is different from New York City. Washington DC is less busy, compared to New York and has beautiful scenery with many attractions. I really enjoyed this trip, and hope to travel with the African Hope Committee in the next summers to come. I would like to thank Ms. Clarisse for making this trip possible and for all the money she spent on us just to make sure we would enjoy this trip.

African Hope Committee

Washington D.C Trip- Jarry Fall


 On the Washington trip, I knew I was going to learn a lot.  From going to the White House, exploring the city and going to the World Bank, I really enjoyed myself.  At the White House, I really saw how much that has changed. The first time I went I was very young and I was able to stand by the gates and take pictures.  I planned on recreating that same photo, but I came to found out that they added a gate and there were lots of police with huge guns. They added more security to the White House and the house was nice, but not so exciting.  To me it was just a house where we could take pictures because there wasn’t much we were able to do. I really liked the station that we were at but I realized that there are lots of people in Washington that don’t have the right mindset and are homeless.  At the station they had the best philly cheesesteaks ever and I’m glad to hear that they have them in New Jersey! I’m from New York and I have seen a lot of homeless people, but when I went to Washington I saw a life of the homeless that I have never seen before.  They were left and right, sleeping outside by hotels, and all around the train station so this kept me alert. When we went to the World Bank, I was really amazed. The people working there really knew what they were talking about. They were very informative when it came to financing and the history of the World Bank.  My favorite part was when we got to learn about the artwork. They were unique and beautiful and I had to make sure to take pictures. My favorite piece of art were the grenades covered in flowers. How could something so dangerous look so beautiful? Overall, I would definitely go again to visit the World Bank and maybe sight see some more in other parts of the state.  I hope to attend one of the major world bank financial events in the future with other youths from around the globe to help benefit me.         

African Hope Committee


African Hope Committee is moving toward building sustainable and resilient urban and rural communities at local, national and global levels with the goal of promoting solutions to the global challenges around heath, economic, peace and social justice. Please order your resilient T-shirt today and support our health, immigration, youth , and global project. 212862-9010 or

African Hope Committee

New York Women's Foundation Photo Shoot

African Hope Committee was delighted to be part of the New York Women's Foundation Photo Shoot on Sunday, November 2. Amongst some amazing Women's Organizations, African Hope Committe was made up (we all looked like Queens!) photographed, and interviewed for a photo book that the NYWF will be publishing with the organizations that they support. 

It was really interesting for the participants, who usually spend thier time doing loads of selfless work, for the tables to be turned and to pampered for a few hours. We are excited to see the final product, and to remind women in our community that women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful and deserve to be celebrated. Even the most giving women must make time for self care. We had a does of this will NYWF, thank you ladies! We truly enjoyed this experiance and look forward to more collaborations in the future! 


African Hope Committee

Meet and Greet with Councilman Mark Levine!

Councilman Mark Levine was gracious enough to host African Hope Committee in his office on November 10, 2014.  Ms. Clarisse Mefotso Fall, Mr. Getachew and Ms. Nafi Ndiaye crowded into the Councilman's office to discuss AHC's activities in the community and how we can further our efforts in the West Harlem area. With Mr. Levine on board, we are sure to have some exciting new ventures in the works for the 2015 year!


African Hope Committee

President Obama's Immigration Deal

Last night during a revolutionary speech, President Barack Obama offered a "deal" to immigrant in the United States. Any immigrant who has lived in the US for five years or has children who are citizens or legal residents of the United States will be granted temporary status. This is contingent upon them registering with USCIS, pay taxes and live by the law of the land. Criminals will be deported. This will only apply to those who are currently in the US and will not be extended to those who arrive in the future.

African Hope Committee


Most of us still feeling lathargic from our turkey coma, drag ourselves out of bed on Black Friday to shop for the coming holiday season. Sure, there is a moment of thanks but rarely do we elect to give back during this weekend of shopping. Be part of #givingtuesday, a tradition that reminds us how fortunate we are to be afforded the luxury of enjoying the holidays.


African Hope Committee

Department of Homeland Security Announces Temporary Protected Status

Due to the outbreak of Ebola in the Western African Nations of Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone has been granted Temporary Protectect Status. Those who have immigrated to the United States may remain here for a period up to 18 months. 

African Hope Committee is here to help, please reach out to AHC through our email for more information about what this means for you and your family. 

We are happy to help any and all of our African Compatriots live safely and securely during this time of unrest.  AHC and their team of BIA Accredited Representatives and Lawyers are available to walk you through the process of achieving protected status. 

African Hope Committee

Join African Hope Committee for the 2015 CSW Conference

Join African Hope Committee to commermorate the 2015 Commision on the Status of Women! AHC will be hosting a conference to discuss the issues at the center of the 2015 CSW.

Our conversation will include innovative approaches to water and sanitation, women's healthcare, FMG through the lens of African Women and Girls.

We will then turn to the lighter part of the evening celebrating with a gala which will feature a silent auction, music, dancing, and dinner.

Members of the 1000 African Women's Network recieve preferential seating and rates. To join, sponsor or RSVP email Donations are welcome and truly appreciated!

African Hope Committee

First Board Meeting Of 2015

From left to right: Anatole Toukam, UN Liason and Global Project Director, Terry Lynn Smith, Vice Chair, Pierre Wafo, Honorary Chair, Aissata Camara, Board Secretary

Yesterday, January 9, 2015, African Hope Committee had their first Board Meeting of the year! Getting all these amazing people in one place was trying but we were given an opportunity to meet and discuss all the exciting things that 2015 promises for African Hope Committee. First and foremost on the agenda is the amazing event that AHC has planned for March in honor of the Commission on the Status of Women. The meeting was productive, taking place at UN plaza the Board discussed AHC Humanitarian Global affairs, the agenda for the AHC CSW Event and concluded with a tour of the United Nations.

African Hope Committee

AHC CSW59 Forum

 After months of work and planning African Hope Committee is thrilled to present our side event occuring in tandem with the United Nation's Commission on the Status of Women 59th Session.  AHC is so excited! Please join us on March 13th at the National Black Theatre in Harlem. Beginning at 3pm we will discuss a reflection of the issues that will be presented at CSW59, however will specify our reactions to how these events willl affect Africans, African Americans, and African Immigrants. Between 3-8pm we will chat about WASH, early and forced marriage, FMG, Universal Health Care, Maternal and Child healthcare as they relate to our organizations. Stay tuned for our email blasts in the next week. For further information email us at or check out the registration form under the "Events" page on our

African Hope Committee

Happy Women's Month!

The United Nations has declared March the month of Women, demanding all international attention concentrate on Women and the human rights issues that they face year round. During this month African Hope Committee is delighted to offer their own side event which will focus on the issues the African women face both at home and abroad. Join AHC on March 13th at the National Black Theatre for this amazing, star studded event. Featuring international delegations, a silent auction and words from