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Water and Sanitation

Everyday over 4,000 children die from lack of clean water. This problem is heavily concentrated in developing countries, namely those in Africa. Tepid water leads to diseases such as cholera, dysentary, and diarhhea. Dehydration effects children more severely than the adult population and upwards of 1.8 million children are affected, annually.

African Hope Committee has hosted a Clean Water Event, fundraising for sachets, which cleanse potentially contaminated water and are a more sustainable approach. During our event we utilized the sachets to see the difference that they can make. The event raised water for P&G's philanthropic efforts in highly effected areas. African Hope Committee is grounded in health and wellness and it is impossible to sustain a healthy lifestyle without clean water.

Project Goals Include:

  1. Educate those in target areas about the importance of clean water in emerging nations
  2. Work with corporate and individual sponsors to donate sachets and increase sustainable measures for clean water 
  3. Decrease occurences of preventable diseases in target areas
  4. Continue efforts to build a clean water well in a Mandjo, Cameroon, with support from our partners