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Our Global Impacts

  1. Sustained a ten year, successful partnership with  Enfance Joyeuse du Cameroon
  2. Sponsored an artisan group in Dakar, Senegal to craft AHC bracelets called The HOPE Bracelet, for sale at the AHC HOPE Store
  3. Sponsored a community chicken farm in the Village of Mandjo,Cameroon from 2011-2012
  4. Economic development of women, girls and youth
  5. Sponsored four female entrepreneurs starting fashion based, and agricultural businesses in Cameroon and Senegal since 2014
  6. Paid school fees for select students facing considerable hardship in Cameroon and Senegal since 2010
  7. Contributed to children's education through La Repcam Cameroon and assisted 20 children with school supplies  in 2013
  8. Contributed Holiday Gifts through La Repcam Cameroon for 2 years
  9. Donated 45 childrens gifts through financial contributions in 2012 and 2014
  10. Met with vilagers, chiefs, and health officials in Mandjo, Cameroo to listen to concerns, issues and needs of the village in 2010
  11. Provided water sachets in Mandjo, Cameroon to Mandjo Health Clinic in 2013
  12. Provided condoms and health supplies to the Mandjo Health Clinic in 2013
  13. Sent 4 Barrels of books to Cameroon through L’enfance joyeuse du Cameroon in 2014
  14. Donated clothes and shoes to poor  children, men and women in Mandjo in 2013.
  15. Conducted a Wellness Day led by AHC Global Volunteers in Cameroon in 2013
  16. Visited over 5 schools in Urban and Rural areas in Cameroon and built partnership for further assistance in 2014
  17. Created 1000 African Women Network in 2014 to increase visibility of African Women and girls in every region and sub-region in Africa. 
  18. Built partnership with NGO’s in Cameroon, Senegal, and Congo.

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