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Africa Consulting Group International

One of our goals is to tackle poverty by increasing the production of food and increase work development in poor countries by securing deals that will be invested in farming. As we all know, more than 2 billion people survive on smallholder farming around the globe, yet many poor farmers have limited or no access to information and capital that will improve their livelihoods. In partnership with Africa Consulting Group International ( ACGI), we work with government, the private sector and civil society create business plan around agriculture and invest in farming. We empower farmers with relevant, timely and actionable information and financial services. These resources are secured through generous donors and investors to help implement agriculture projects in Africa.  By securing great resources and tools for leveraging local change agents, farmers will be able to perform and produce in a great amount and will be able to compete with the markets.  The production will improve in the economic lives of the poor in rural areas.
Financial service providers and investors reach relatively few rural poor and offer a limited range of services. Our goal is to build and strengthen networks that can deliver financial services, great tools and essential information to farmers.
In many countries, not excluded Africa, the vast majority of the poor rely on agricultural livelihoods. Yet existing financial services providers reach only a fraction of the rural poor and often provide a limited range of services that are not tailored to agricultural cash flow cycles. In partnership with ACGI, we are building and strengthening rural agent networks that reach Government, local, community and people on the ground to bring sustainable agriculture in the country.
With the fast growing people around the globe, agriculture is the most and best resources for not only consumption, but economic sustainability.