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Washington D.C Trip- Aisha Fall

Washington DC Trip

 I have enjoyed traveling and going to different places from a very young age. I love to have fun, and see places that are different from home. It helps me learn a lot, and I learn a new way of living compared to the one that I am used to. Traveling to places also helps you learn something new. I go to Senegal every year, and throughout my childhood, I have visited Morocco, Senegal, Canada, etc., and hope to visit more places. Recently, I have traveled to Washington D.C. and it was an unforgettable trip, and I will always appreciate the fact that I have gotten the chance to go there. From staying at the ostentatious Hyatt Regency to visiting the White House, I really enjoyed this trip, and hope to get a chance to revisit.


The trip to Washington DC was a fascinating experience. I got to see buildings such as the Lincoln Memorial and the White House and also got to  visit the World Bank. The World Bank, not far from our hotel, is a financial institution, that provides for several developing countries around the world. Although I stayed at the World Bank for a little less than one hour, I still have learned a lot. I have learned that throughout developing countries in the world, there are many people who do not have the luxury that I have. Many young women and children are affected by violence and lack of education  in several developing countries. Additionally, there are many hands on tools, that also enhanced what I learned at the World Bank. For instance, there was VR, or virtual reality, in which you can view different countries and issues that currently going on in those countries. This hands on tool also makes you feel as if you are in that country. There was also a lot of artwork at the World Bank, that express the deep feelings of refugees and immigrants. One artwork that stunned me in particular was from a Syrian refugee that constructed his artwork in suitcases, he used many resources and made a replica of how Syrian houses looked. Although he used a few resources, it was well constructed, and amazingly represented how war-torn Syria looks.


Although, I have learned a lot throughout this trip, I also got a chance to explore a little bit of Washington DC. It is very different from New York, where I was born and raised. I went to mall, and these taxi rides helped me see Washington DC and how the lifestyle is different from New York City. Washington DC is less busy, compared to New York and has beautiful scenery with many attractions. I really enjoyed this trip, and hope to travel with the African Hope Committee in the next summers to come. I would like to thank Ms. Clarisse for making this trip possible and for all the money she spent on us just to make sure we would enjoy this trip.