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Washington D.C Trip- Jarry Fall


 On the Washington trip, I knew I was going to learn a lot.  From going to the White House, exploring the city and going to the World Bank, I really enjoyed myself.  At the White House, I really saw how much that has changed. The first time I went I was very young and I was able to stand by the gates and take pictures.  I planned on recreating that same photo, but I came to found out that they added a gate and there were lots of police with huge guns. They added more security to the White House and the house was nice, but not so exciting.  To me it was just a house where we could take pictures because there wasn’t much we were able to do. I really liked the station that we were at but I realized that there are lots of people in Washington that don’t have the right mindset and are homeless.  At the station they had the best philly cheesesteaks ever and I’m glad to hear that they have them in New Jersey! I’m from New York and I have seen a lot of homeless people, but when I went to Washington I saw a life of the homeless that I have never seen before.  They were left and right, sleeping outside by hotels, and all around the train station so this kept me alert. When we went to the World Bank, I was really amazed. The people working there really knew what they were talking about. They were very informative when it came to financing and the history of the World Bank.  My favorite part was when we got to learn about the artwork. They were unique and beautiful and I had to make sure to take pictures. My favorite piece of art were the grenades covered in flowers. How could something so dangerous look so beautiful? Overall, I would definitely go again to visit the World Bank and maybe sight see some more in other parts of the state.  I hope to attend one of the major world bank financial events in the future with other youths from around the globe to help benefit me.