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Sustainable Development and Leadership Training

Moving in line with the Sustainable Development Goals for the Post 2015 agenda as set by the United Nations, African Hope Committee has created a program to empower women worldwide.  Our Sustainable Development project will kick off in 2015. Working closely with our partners, There is No Limit Foundation, AHC will provide women in Cameroon and Senegal with the tools to succeed. By purchasing sewing machines, cloth, and sewing neccesities, African Hope Committee will help launch business for women in rural areas.  Those enrolled in the Kailfa Leadership program will recieve training to help boost their business, creating clothes that will be reknowned worldwide. The art of the Cameroonian seamstress features beautiful bamileke cloth, unique to the region. African Hope Committee aligns themselves closely with the United Nations in an effort to empower women, and make them an invaluable faction in the evolving continent of Africa. 

Project Goals Include:

  1. Train and Develop no less than thiry women in Cameroon and Senegal
  2. Increase economic stability and freedom for women and their households
  3. Establish a reasonable line of credit as a means to economic empowerment
  4. Provide start up funds for seamstresses and artisans in Cameroon to expand their business